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Commissioner Mariya Gabriel visits ENISA

The Commissioner, today, met with the ENISA Executive Director Professor Dr. Udo Helmbrecht and the staff for a discussion on the current and future role of the Agency in the cybersecurity of Europe.

Published on September 21, 2017

ENISA welcomed, for the first time, the visit of the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Ms. Mariya Gabriel, in the Agency’s premises in Athens.

The timing of the visit is particularly opportune in that the Commission published last week a new proposed Draft EU Cybersecurity Act for a permanent and stronger mandate for ENISA as well as a new EU cybersecurity strategy.

The meeting provided an opportunity to meet the staff of ENISA and to discuss how the European Commission sees the future role of ENISA and the cybersecurity landscape in Europe.

Other important issues discussed included a coordinated response between stakeholders to large scale cross border cyber incidents (the Blueprint), cyber exercises as well as cooperation and coordination of cyber activities between the Member States.

Speaking at the meeting with the ENISA staff, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said “I am very happy to see such a young, engaged and committed team working in ENISA to help secure the European cyberspace”.

The Executive Director of ENISA, Professor Dr. Udo Helmbrecht said “we welcome the opportunity to discuss the proposal of the Commission on the new Cybersecurity Act for a reformed and stronger EU Cybersecurity Agency here in Greece and I would like to thank Commissioner Gabriel for her support. I look forward to the proposed Cybersecurity Act being debated in the Council and the EU Parliament in the next few months.”



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