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‘CYBER EUROPE 2010’ -the 1st pan-European CIIP exercise

‘CYBER EUROPE 2010’ the first pan European CIIP (Critical Information Infrastructure Protection) exercise ever- phase one.

Published on October 04, 2010

On Friday, 24th September, 'phase one', and a major milestone of the ‘CYBER EUROPE 2010’ -the first pan European exercise on CIIP ever -was successfully completed. This first  phase included the training and a 'dry- run'.

The day was dedicated to Member State moderators who will be driving 'CYBER EUROPE 2010'. Representatives from 21 countries participated, while observers were not invited in this first phase. The day was split in two parts:

a) Morning sessions: participants were trained on all aspects of the exercise (setup, policies, tools, scenarios).

b) Afternoon sessions: two 'dry-run' sessions were organised. The moderators were split in two groups exercising in a simple scenario: being a moderator and a player in one of the two sessions and vice versa in the other. In this way, moderators were able to understand how it feels to be on 'both sides of the river'. The exercise management achieved to test both these aspects.

Successful practice 'dry-run'

The feedback from all participants was very positive as they stated during the conclusion that they learned a lot from the session. Some minor issues were revealed, which will be worked out in the upcoming  period before the next phase.

Next step

The second phase of ‘CYBER EUROPE 2010’, i.e., the actual exercise, is planned to take place in November 2010.



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