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Take a walk on the CISO side

Take a walk on the CISO side
Mar 30, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

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In September 2022, ENISA introduced the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF), a tool which summarises cybersecurity-related roles into 12 profiles, analysed into their corresponding responsibilities, skills and knowledge. At the same time, the European Commission declared 2023 as the European Year of Skills and announced the establishment of the Cybersecurity Skills Academy.

Webinar 2 #ECSFTalks: Take a walk on the CISO side

Stemming from the cybersecurity regulatory requirements, the role of the Chief Information Security Officer is in the spotlight, yet offer in the labour market seems to be quite low, mainly because reaching this level of seniority requires time and experience in numerous posts.

In this second webinar of the #ECSFtalks, expert speakers will discuss on the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and the skills needed to become one, and provide insights on:

  • The responsibilities of a CISO and the managerial, technical and soft skills required for the role.
  • How the tasks of the CISO differ among organisations, their sectors and size, and how they are related to the ECSF CISO role and the other ECSF roles.
  • Common assumptions on the daily activities of a CISO. 

Whether you are an IT professional, business owner, or simply interested in cybersecurity, this event will offer a valuable glimpse into the world of cybersecurity leadership.

Introductory Remarks

  • Marianna Kalenti – ENISA


  • Dimitra Liveri – ENISA


All videos related to the ECSF are available in ENISA’s YouTube channel and upcoming #ECSFtalks are announced in our social media.

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