Policies and Procedures

ENISA is committed to operating as an open and transparent organisation. To help citizens and other stakeholders understand how the Agency is managed and held accountable, ENISA publishes a range of documents and other relevant information on its web site.

The Agency realises its commitment to transparency with the publication of documents on ENISA's procedures, its Declaration of Interests, its commitment to the Code of good administrative behaviour, including its annual Work Programme and the Minutes of its Management Board meetings. The publication of procedures allows ENISA to present its working practices and provides the public with insight into the Agency's internal functioning and work environment.

Information regarding procurement and the awarding of contracts is also available on the web site.

Declaration of Interests
Independence is one of the core values of the Agency. In all of its processes, ENISA ensures that it is independent from all external interests and that impartial decisions are taken.

Code of good administrative behaviour
The Code of good administrative behaviour contains the basic principles for the staff of the Agency to direct their relations with the public.

Access to documents
ENISA provides access to many key documents relating to the Agency on its website.

Public service principle for EU civil servants

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