Good practices in innovation on Cybersecurity under the NCSS

ENISA supports the efforts aimed to enhance the overall level of cybersecurity in the Member States (MS) both at a national and EU level. This report supports that effort by analysing how Member States are approaching innovation as a strategic priority under National Cyber Security Strategies (NCSS). The analysis is structured around several aspects of innovation such as: Innovation Priorities, Industrialisation and Collaboration and Market and Policy. Each of these aspects is at the same time divided into two dimensions. Innovation priorities can be divided into Innovation in technologies and services, and into economic incentives and investments. Industrialisation and collaboration can be divided into industrialisation processes and activities, and stakeholders’ collaboration. Market and Policy can be divided into Market and Technology Alignment and Market regulation. Each dimension can be supported by several activities and mechanisms.


ENISA has also developed the NCSS Interactive map to note the progress of Member States in implementing their national cybersecurity strategies. The interactive map is an info hub with information provided by the MS.

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