ENISA NLO meeting - April 2017

ENISA’s network of National Liaison Officers met on 26th April in Athens to set up an action plan for 2017 together with ENISA experts.


Meeting Agenda


Meeting Presentations

Cyber Security Beyond 2020, Paulo Empadinhas/Steve Purser, ENISA

Update on the activities of the NLO network, Katerina Christaki, ENISA

NIS activities and developments during Presidency trio (Netherlands, Slovakia, Malta),

Hans Oude Alink (NL), Ratislav Matchel (SK), Matthew Yeomans (MT)

European Cyber Security Month 2017, Vangelis Stavropoulos, ENISA

Germany's new NCSS, Samuel Rothenpieler (DE)

CSIRT Network, Andrea Dufkova, ENISA

ENISA’s new mandate, Paulo Empadinhas/Steve Purser, ENISA

European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC), Razvan Gavrila


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