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ENISA’s Executive Director addresses EP ITRE Committee on key points for cybersecurity for the EU

Following the Commission announcement on the path to digitise the EU industry, ENISA participated at the ITRE meeting on 21st April in an exchange of views on cybersecurity in the EU, and ENISA’s role in the implementation of the Digital Single Market.

Published on April 21, 2016

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ENISA’s Executive Director Udo Helmbrecht spoke about the developments in the digital single environment, the importance of aligning industry with innovative research initiatives and the leadership role ENISA exhibits through community and capacity building.

“I welcome the Commission initiatives and believe that ENISA will have an important role in supporting these by promoting a culture of network and information security in Europe, particularly with the increasing uptake of cloud, IoT, standards, big data, and e-government” said Udo Helmbrecht.

ENISA in its efforts for the delivery of a successful strategy continues its call for (i) ‘security by design’ where the EU addresses security of digital products as a market differentiator; (ii) for standardisation and certification; (iii) building cyber cooperation and skills, and (iv) ENISA to participate in the Commission  initiatives to leverage its contribution within the forthcoming NIS Directive.

Full speech available online

ITRE meeting video

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