Call of Expression of Interest for Temporary Agents (TA/AD6)


ENISA’s aim is to generate a comprehensive reserve list of professionals who have multiple and/or specific expertise and skills which can contribute fulfilling the current and forthcoming tasks of the Agency and help the Agency to fulfil its mandate. We seek talent for all operational units that will cater for the Agency’s varied staffing needs of units as they arise. This reserve list will serve as a pool of successful candidates with proven broad range of skills and competences.

Type of contract: Temporary Agent
Function Group and grade: AD6
Duration of contract: 4 years
Area: Cybersecurity operational activities
Place of Employment: Athens, Greece
Probation period: 9 months
Reserve list: 31/12/2027
Deadline for applications: 14/08/2024 at 23:59:59 hrs EET (CET +1)

2024-08-14 23:00 CET

PDF document ENISA-TA-AD-2024-05.pdf — PDF document, 577 KB

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