Call of Expression of Interest for Contract Agents (CA/FGIV)


ENISA’s aim is to generate a comprehensive reserve list of cybersecurity officers for all operational units, that will cater for the agency’s varied staffing needs. This reserve list will serve as a pool of successful candidates with knowledge and/or experience in the area of cybersecurity, to fill in current available posts as well as posts arising in the nearby future.  

Type of contract: Contract Agent
Function Group and grade: FGIV
Duration of contract: 4 years (renewable)
Area: Cybersecurity operational activities
Place of Employment: Athens, Greece
Probation period: 9 months
Reserve list: 31/12/2027
Deadline for applications: 14/08/2024 at 23:59:59 hrs EET (CET +1)

2024-08-14 23:00 CET

PDF document ENISA-CA-FGIV-2024-04.pdf — PDF document, 572 KB

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