Analysis of standards related to Trust Service Providers - Mapping of requirements of eIDAS to existing standards

This report on one hand analyses the eIDAS requirements with regard to the standards, on the other analyses currently available standards and compares the results of both analyses. Such a mapping is oriented at the requirements specified in the various eIDAS articles. Pursuant to this mapping it can be concluded that usually the analysed standards usually cover some requirements in part or whole. Existing standards can be endorsed for being used within the frames of eIDAS Regulation, to the extent as presented in the previous sections. The analysis presented in this report led, however, to a shortlist of gaps, where specific eIDAS requirements have yet to be addressed in EU standards (ETSI/CEN/CENELEC) or international ones.

Iñigo Barreira, Izenpe, Jerome Bordier, SEALWeb, Olivier Delos, SEALED, Arno Fiedler, Nimbus Technologieberatung GmbH, Tomasz Mielnicki, Gemalto, Artur Miękina, Polish Security Printing Works, Jon Shamah, EJ Consultants, Clemens Wanko, TUV Informationstechnik GmbH, Clara Galan Manso, ENISA, Sławomir Górniak, ENISA

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