The cost of incidents affecting CIIs

The aim of the study is to assess the economic impact of incidents that affect CIIs in EU, based on existing work done by different parties, and set the proper ground for the future work of ENISA in this area.


 In detail, our aim is to:

  • Identify relevant studies in the field
  • Define a proper methodology for reviewing the studies
  • Extract relevant findings based on the proposed methodology
  • Deliver the results in form of a systematic review.


Target Audience

The direct beneficiaries of this work are CII owners and operators, and public authorities within member states (MS) dealing with CII protection – as it will help them understand the magnitude of the impact that cyber-attacks can have on economies, businesses and population. Further to these, the study is also of a benefit to security practitioners (CISOs etc.), corporate leadership (CEOs), and organisations developing studies such as the ones reviewed here (study makers).

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