National and International Cyber Security Exercises: Survey, Analysis & Recommendations

Cyber exercises are an important tool to assess the preparedness of a community against cyber crises, technology failures and critical information infrastructure incidents. ENISA supports the stakeholders involved in EU cyber exercises. This report aims to support European and international bodies involved in cyber exercises with lessons learned about cyber exercises and recommendations for the future. The report presents the results of the ENISA 2012 research and analysis by ENISA in 2012 of national and international cyber exercises carried out. ENISA examined 85 exercises covering the period between 2002 and 2012. In total, 84 countries worldwide participated in the multinational exercises analysed in this report. A total of 22 European countries conducted national cyber-exercises.

Panagiotis TRIMINTZIOS, Resilience and CIIP Unit, ENISA, Razvan GAVRILA, Resilience and CIIP Unit, ENISA

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