Towards a Digital Single Market for NIS products and services



Jan 20, 2016

Service Contract with a maximum budget of €50.000,00

The objectives of this project are the following: - Understand the current market of NIS Products and Services and selected areas of application in the EU MS and EFTA nations. The focus will emphasize the European Market, even in the case where NIS Products and Services are from non-EU providers. - Identify 5 NIS sectors where EU players have certain market advantage over non-EU players and analyse the reasons for this. Also the study will identify 5 sectors where EU players do not have a significant advantage and will assess the reasons for it. - Drawing from the lessons learnt from the previous tasks propose recommendations to EC and Member States in order to enable NIS Products and Services to benefit from the Digital Single Market.

This tender is also available via the TED eTendering platform which publishes tenders for the European Institutions and bodies. Please follow this link:

Offers for this tender to be sent using courier or registered mail (NOT electronically).

PDF document Contract AWARD Notice_D-COD-16-C02.pdf — PDF document, 94 KB

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