Technical Incidents Development for Cyber Exercises

Pre Information Notice

Sep 18, 2018

Negotiated Procedure - Maximum budget €35.000,00 to 40.000,00

ENISA is organising various cybersecurity exercises, ranging from table-top decision making to simulations and technical skills tests. In this context, ENISA would like to enhance the portfolio of technical cybersecurity incidents that can be used to analyse and assess their technical skills during v cyber exercises.

In this tender ENISA will be looking for a contractor with experts that have diverse technical cybersecurity skills who know the cyber threat landscape well and can develop specifications and requirements that will allow the training audience to practice technical, analysis and incident response skills. The successful contractor will develop different types of technical incidents ranging from passive post-incident forensics analysis to active simulations of penetration testing or capture the flag type of incidents. The successful contractor should provide ENISA all supporting material, storylines, setup instructions, VMs, logs, as well as solutions and testing quizzes.

If you are interested to receive the technical specifications for this tender, then please 'submit your interest'. 

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