Supporting the update of ENISA 5G Threat Landscape

Pre Information Notice

May 28, 2020

Negotiated Procedure - Maximum budget €50.000,00

In November 2019, ENISA produced its initial threat assessment and published a "Threat Landscape for 5G Networks" report. With this tender, ENISA seeks external support to update the information published in this report.

 The first version of the threat landscape constituted an initial step towards a comprehensive threat assessment and given the time, resources and availability constraints of vulnerability information, vulnerabilities were not analysed in detail. They have been taken into account from a rudimentary mapping between assets and threats. For similar reasons, existing threat mitigation methods for the reduction of the attack surface have not been assessed either. This was also due to the fact that at that time, related material was ongoing work within standardisation committees (3GPP).

 With the present tender, ENISA seeks external support to update the current version of its 5G Threat Landscape. The support consists of open source information collection, desktop analysis of the publicly available material and identification of changes resulting from the advancement of standardisation/specification work performed since the previous ENISA report.

If you are interested in being invited to take part in this upcoming tender procedure, then please 'submit your interest' before the deadline, using the link below.

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