Supporting activities on cybersecurity strategies, indexes and frameworks


ENISA F-CO2-21-T01

Jan 29, 2021

Framework Contracts with 'Reopening of Competition' - maximum budget €600,000.00 over 3 years

OPEN Tender Procedure

ENISA seeks to contract the services with a minimum of three (3) service providers which can provide support for ENISA’s work on Cybersecurity Strategies, on mapping the impact of cybersecurity by means of quantitative and qualitative indexes and on developing cybersecurity taxonomies and (quantitative and qualitative) assessments of cybersecurity, throughout the years 2021-2024.

ENISA envisages various projects per year in this area, on specific topics such as supporting National Cybersecurity Strategies activities related to citizen awareness, identification of information sources and desktop research on cybersecurity indexes and workflows, mapping workflows and doing business analysis for the collection of information and specifications for cybersecurity indexes, etc. The successful bidders should be able to demonstrate significant experience and skills in this area, with emphasis on the aspects dealt with in the annual ENISA work programme.

The tender documentation is officially available via the TED 'eTendering' platform, which gives exclusive access to the eSubmission portal for submitting your offer - please use this link:

The documentation is also provided below for reference purposes only.

 Offers shall be sent electronically using 'e-Submission' ONLY

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