Support for the provision of Cybersecurity services

Pre Information Notice

Aug 24, 2022


Open Procedure to be published in eTendering

Maximum budget: € 45.000.000 (across 28 Lots)

The aim of this call for tenders to be launched by ENISA, is the conclusion of framework service contracts for each of the envisaged 28 Lots (one per MS and one across all MS), with economic operators capable of supporting ENISA in the delivery of cybersecurity services for every EU Member State as well as across EU.

Potential contractors are expected to provide support to the contracting authority in the provisioning of cybersecurity services for Member States (including services by means of intra-muros and extra-muros experts, on demand services, subscription services and incident response retainers).

Services shall include:

i) cyber security services which will contribute to increased preparedness and resilience of the Union’s essential and important entities (as defined in the proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on measures for a high common level of cybersecurity across the Union) for e.g. technical capabilities assessment (Ex-ante services) and

ii) cyber security services which help the organization to respond to an actual incident, for e.g. supporting the technical response to an incident (Ex-post services).

Interested candidates will be able to bid for one, several or all of the 28 Lots.

Latest launch target is by Friday 25th August.

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