Support for back office, public affairs and social media activities in Cybersecurity


F-CBU-24-T01 (ENISA/2024/OP/0001)

Jan 24, 2024

OPEN Tender Procedure

Maximum budget: € 500.000,00 over 4 years

The purpose of this Call for Tenders is for the Agency to acquire the necessary support services that will contribute to the smooth planning and implementation of the ‘European Cyber Security Challenge’ (ECSC), the International Cybersecurity Challenge (ICC), other cybersecurity related competitions, challenges, trainings as well as other related events for the period of 2024 - 2027.

A maximum of three (3) framework contracts in cascade will be awarded.

The tender documentation will be available on 18th December 2023 via the F&T portal, which gives exclusive access to the eSubmission portal for submitting your offer - please use this link

The tender documentation and annexes are also provided below (by first clicking on the tender title link above) for reference purposes only and cannot be considered as the formal documentation. 

Please note that questions for clarification can ONLY be sent via the questions and answers section of the Funding and Tenders portal.

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