Specifications and design of cybersecurity threat landscapes knowledge base

Pre Information Notice

Jul 13, 2021

Negotiated procedure: maximum budget €45.000

The strategic objective “Efficient and effective cybersecurity information and knowledge management in Europe”, ENISA regularly reports on the threat landscape using a variety of information sources. To support this objective, ENISA aims to contract the services of an external contractor to provide advice on the design and specifications of a consolidate knowledge base that will be originally utilised to report on the cybersecurity threat landscape, but should be flexible enough to cater for potential additional use cases in the future.

The main task of this work is to perform the Business Analysis, starting from gathering the requirements and functional specification, to elicit use case scenarios, analyse requirements and put forward specifications and mock-up user interfaces for a consolidated knowledge base for cybersecurity knowledge and information. The results of this work should help ENISA to proceed with the prototype development of the cybersecurity knowledge and information knowledge base and facilitate the development of future threat landscapes.

This effort should help ENISA to:

-  Gather functional requirements for the knowledge base tool;

-  Draft functional specifications on how the tool should be developed, including use case scenarios and process flows based on requirements analysis;

-  Draw workflows and basic usage scenarios on how the tool should function, including the connection between the different options and cross-correlation of various available information sources;

-  Design and deliver mock-up screens to show to the developers exactly how the tool will look like, including mock-ups and visuals of the different functionalities and display pages.

All of this should help ENISA to consolidate its knowledge management capabilities and to develop the appropriate material needed to guide the developers in the future into implementing the knowledge base tool.

If you are interested in being invited to take part in this upcoming tender procedure, then please click on the Title link above and select 'submit your interest' before the deadline.

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