Security and Resilience of electronic communications networks and services



Jan 30, 2014

This Tender is divided into 2 LOTS. You may bid for just one or both LOTS - (Max budget  -  €100,000.00)

LOT 1 - Methodologies for the identification of Critical information infrastructure assets and services

ENISA requires a contractor which will assist the Agency to follow up the work of the 2013 ‘’Guidelines for enhancing the resilience of data communication networks’’. The 2014 study aims to develop a methodology that would help Member States to identify and categorize Critical Information Infrastructure assets and services; assess the vulnerabilities of interdependencies between physical and logical infrastructure; foster cross border cooperation on these matters and help providers of critical services to procure appropriate security and resilient communication networks and services.

LOT 2 - Recommendations to address electronic communications dependencies on ICT products and services.

ENISA requires a contractor which will assist the Agency to determine: The existing dependencies in the electronic communications sector on ICT services and products supporting the core processes in providing public electronic communications networks and services; the most common types of ICT services and products being procured or outsourced; security requirements of SLAs governing procured or outsourced services and products and how providers currently set them up; the issues or problems providers are experiencing regarding the procurement or outsourcing of ICT services and products; which existing material is already available to help providers with these issues; develop guidelines for providers, which allow them to better deal with security requirements in the procurement or outsourcing of ICT products and services.

PDF document Contract Award Notice.pdf — PDF document, 99 KB

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