Security and resilience of electronic communication networks and services



Feb 04, 2013

This Tender is divided into three LOTS. You may bid for one or more LOTS.

LOT 1 - National roaming

In this project, we analyse national roaming frameworks which allow customers to use the network of other mobile operators covering that area. The main goal of this work is to investigate how and if national roaming could be used to address the impact of outages. We are interested in technical, legal, financial and administrative issues that have to be addressed to set-up national roaming.

LOT 2 - Power supply dependencies.

In the annual report about large telecom outages which ENISA published in 2012, powercuts are the second most common cause of failures. In this study ENISA aims at investigating the dependency of the electronic communications sector on power supply and issue recommendations on what can be done to mitigate incidents that are caused by the failure of power supply. The study should provide a stock taking, a problem description, an analysis with alternative solutions and case studies from different Member States and recommendations for targeted stakeholders  and good practice from different Member States.

LOT 3 - Resilience of European Network Interconnections

Several EU member states have asked the question how the internet connection  in their country would be affected by large cyber disruptions or cyber attacks, or what should be done to ensure that certain critical services still remain functional in the case of such events. This is impossible without a better understanding of the network interconnections in EU member states and across the EU. This study aims to provide insight into the “structure or the Internet” (or, more precisely, of the interconnections between services provider and “eyeball” networks) at the network layer within a country, which could be used by governments or policy makers to develop a strategy to ensure that critical services still remain functional even if network performance or connectivity in general is broken. Secondly the study aims to identify gaps and if necessary find ways to work together with the relevant stakeholders, e.g. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and/or their associations in order to improve the resilience of certain critical services.

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