Optimization of ENISA Threat Analysis Process



Feb 07, 2014

Service Contract - maximum budget €50,000.00

Subject of this contract is the provision of consulting services consisting of analysis and identification of optimization options of the ENISA threat analysis process. In doing so, the contractor will perform a detailed stock taking of the analysis process as currently performed by ENISA. In particular, ENISA wants to improve this process by: • applying lessons learned (see ETL 2013 report2), • leveraging on synergies and • use of open source approaches, tools and data

Objective of the project is to work out implementable improvement options for the existing ENISA threat analysis procedure. In order to achieve this objective, some aspects of the threat analysis process need to be taken into account. As a result, the contractor will propose feasible optimization and improvements options. The improvements to be achieved should be adapted to current state-of-play in the ENISA threat analysis process. They should be made by having in mind the balance between practicality-quality-costs-effort.

PDF document Contract Award Notice.pdf — PDF document, 90 KB

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