Mobile and Fixed Voice and Data Communication services



May 11, 2021

OPEN Tender Procedure (2 Lots)

Launched on behalf of ENISA and Cedefop Agencies - both located in Greece.

LOT 1 - Mobile Voice and Data services

Maximum budget: €380,000.00 over 4 years

Mobile voice and data communication services are required for the Contracting Authority’s staff to enable them to communicate wherever they are in the EU and the world with their smartphones. The current number of subscribed users:

ENISA: Currently around 100 and may increase to 120 during the contracted period.
Cedefop: Currently around 25 and may increase to 70 during the contracted period.

LOT 2 - SIP Landline Voice Telephony services

Maximum budget: €140,000.00 over 4 years

Voice telephony services, using a SIP interface, are required to enable landline communication originating from each of the Agency’s premises.


Interested tenderers may bid for one Lot, or BOTH Lots.

The tender documentation will be available by 14th April via the TED 'eTendering' platform, which gives exclusive access to the eSubmission portal for submitting your offer - please use this link:

The documentation is also provided below for reference purposes only, by first clicking on the tender title link above.

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