Maturity framework project: extended framework beyond CSIRTs Network

Pre Information Notice

Mar 12, 2021

Negotiated procedure: maximum budget €70.000

ENISA is continuing to support operational cooperation among Member States, Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies. Actions include establishing synergies with national and EU actors including CERT-EU with the view to exchange know how, best practices, provide advice and issue guidance.

As part of its effort, ENISA would like to conduct a project on maturity framework[1] update and possible extension beyond current application within CSIRTs Network.

This study should include at least:

  • Overview of different maturity methodologies/frameworks applicable and used in cybersecurity field.
  • Establishing synergies and identifying gaps or issues of different maturity methodologies (using ENISA maturity methodology as a reference point).
  • Propose maturity methodology/framework for other Blueprint[2] actors.
  • Recommendations for choosing the appropriate maturity methodology for organization.
[1] See more details

[2]Blueprint for coordinated response to large-scale cross-border cybersecurity incidents and crises

If you are interested in being invited to take part in this upcoming tender procedure, then please click on the Title link above and select 'submit your interest' before the deadline.

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