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Jul 04, 2019

OPEN Tender procedure

Framework Service Contract - max budget of €500.000 over 4 years

The purpose of this tender is the provision of creative services in the field of graphic design for paper and electronic media. The contractor shall be requested to design several types of communication materials and publications and shall also be requested to design logos and visual identity style guides for the communications needs of the Agency. All text, for publications and other graphic design products will be supplied by ENISA, usually in a Microsoft Word 2016 format. To ensure compliance with printing requirements, design work should use recognized design software, such as, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Services may include the design of reports, posters, newsletters, leaflets, postcards, infographics advertisements (print and online) and stationery, banners (including for social media), as well as any other visual media that may be agreed between ENISA and the contractor.

The tender documentation is officially available via the TED 'eTendering' platform, which gives exclusive access to the 'eSubmission Portal' for submitting your offer - please use this link:

The tender documentation is also available below for reference purposes.

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