Future of NIS Public-Private Cooperation in Europe



Feb 08, 2013

Lessons from the initial 2 years of EP3R operation have been learnt, but progress can still be achieved in a number of areas to improve the current situation: In the area of Public-Private Cooperation initiated at EU level (EU PPC), what are the expectations and needs of the CIIP Sector? Which e-Communications Resilience areas / topics can be addressed and discussed within an EU PPC? Is Resilience the sole area of potential intervention? How recommendations issued within an EU PPC can be taken forward? ENISA’s objectives through this work are to: Assess the impactm already achieved by EP3R so far; Analyse possible developments of EP3R, both in scope and action; Understand the complementarity/overlap of EP3R with national initiatives; Understand the vision of CIIP Sector about their perceived benefits of a future EU PPC.

PDF document Contract Award Notice.pdf — PDF document, 98 KB

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