Enabling the information society - Securing personal data in online environments



Jan 28, 2013

This Tender is divided into two LOTS. You may bid for one or both LOTS.

LOT 1 – Identifying security best practices for privacy protection purposes

This lot is aiming to develop recommendations based on current security certification practice in the EU Member States. The selected contractor will take stock of security certification practice in the EU to provide recommendations for a future pan-European approach for privacy certification. At the same time, the contractor will identify existing implemented security measures to protect personal data in a couple of Member States.

LOT 2 – Securing personal data in online environments

The recommendations regarding encryption specifications and security solutions must be pro-actively reviewed in line with the changing circumstances (i.e. new vulnerabilities and attacks, better computational power) . For this activity the contractor is expected to develop a methodology & structure for a new activity with the goal of establishing a list of recommended cryptographic algorithms (e.g. block ciphers, hash functions, signature schemes, etc) and recommended keysizes and other parameter settings (where applicable) to reach specified security objectives.

PDF document Contract Award Notice.pdf — PDF document, 109 KB

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