Effective models for start-ups on NIS (Towards a Digital Single Market for high quality NIS products and services)



Jan 19, 2017

Service contract - max budget of €40.000,00

ENISA would like to provide an overview of the current landscape for start-ups in the NIS products and services market of the EU. The objectives of this project are:

- Understand the current landscape for start-ups that have been established in the EU and are active in the NIS products and services market by mapping technologies, emerging trends, market presence, the overlaying ecosystem etc. - Understand the investment side of start-ups, i.e. the various investment and funding channels available to EU NIS start-ups, both from the public sector (e.g. R&D funding) and the private sector (e.g. venture capital). - Evaluate the possibility for market growth for EU NIS start-ups given the current policy framework, EU market structure and available funding channels from inception to industrialisation / commercialisation. - Propose recommendations to relevant stakeholders in order foster the growth of EU NIS start-ups and allow them to benefit from the Digital Single Market.

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