Development of ENISA’s Exercise Universe Functionalities

Pre Information Notice

Sep 16, 2018

Negotiated Procedure - Maximum budget €40.000,00


ENISA has developed in the last years a Cyber Exercise Platform (CEP) that includes the following two broad functionalities a) exercise planning, control and evaluation, and b) real-file IT infrastructure imitation. The latter, which is collectively called the Exercise Universe, is a set of platforms, that mimic real-life ones like social media, search engines, portals, websites etc. The project concerns the complete overhaul improvement of ENISA’s 'Exercise Universe' capability, which has proven to be an important asset for the success of exercises like Cyber Europe.

The project focuses on the development of the infrastructure and as such requires website/software development experience and skills, including experience with web-services, cloud services and single-sign-on systems.

If you are interested to receive the technical specifications for this tender, then please 'submit your interest'. 

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