Development of a Web Application for the ENISA Cyber-Threat Landscape

Pre Information Notice

Jun 22, 2016

Negotiated Procedure - maximum budget €40.000,00

ENISA plans to develop a web application in order to enable users to obtain information about cyber threats. Based on an information repository, the web application will create graphical representations of cyber-threats, their components and their mutual relationships. Interested users will be in the position to navigate through this information. Aim of the web application is to conceal complexity of cyber-threats and related information and present interdependencies (i.e. information content AND context expressed by means of their inter-relationships) in an intuitive manner without the prerequisite that the interacting user has to be an expert in cyber-threats. Both the presentation of the cyber-threat information and the underlying data, are currently subject of a series of ENISA reports in the area of Threat Landscape and Thematic Landscapes . Consequently, significant resources are invested in the development of this information, including information collection, analysis, assessment and presentation.

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