Cybersecurity education maturity assessment

Pre Information Notice

Jan 12, 2023

Maximum budget: €55.000,00

ENISA has the mission to support closer coordination and exchange of best practices among Member States on cybersecurity awareness and education according to Article 10 of the Cybersecurity Act. The scope of this project is to implement the roadmap developed for enhancing cybersecurity in education (primary and secondary levels) across the EU.

Through this roadmap ENISA aims to focus its efforts in supporting cybersecurity in all levels of education in the Member States and align its actions with the EU’s existing digital education action plan. 

One of the first steps for ENISA is to identify the maturity levels of cybersecurity education across the EU MS to better understand the material needed in each case.

Under this project ENISA aims to:

  • Identify maturity models for assessing cybersecurity in education;
  • Perform an analysis of cybersecurity education maturity level across the MS;
  • Identify the exact needs per MS according to maturity level to enable information and material exchange.

The overall vision is to collaborate with EC and the MS on implementing the roadmap for education on cybersecurity and create educational material per age group to enhance knowledge on basic cybersecurity and cyber hygiene principles.

If you are interested in being invited to take part in this upcoming tender procedure, then please 'submit your interest' before the deadline, using the link below or via the eSubmission link.

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