CTF Infrastructure provision and support for ECSC participant countries

Pre Information Notice

Jul 02, 2020

Negotiated procedure - maximum budget €40.000

Since 2015, ENISA is lending its experience and position to coordinate and organise the ECSC effort. In 2020, Due to the worldwide pandemic and the lack of visibility regarding its evolution, the ECSC Steering Committee together with the Austrian national planners and the support of the European Agency for Cybersecurity, decided to change the dates of the European Cyber Security Challenge 2020 Finals, scheduled to take place in Vienna this November.

In light of the above, the 6th edition of the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) will take place in Prague, Czech Republic in 2021. Austria will host the event in 2022.

In order to fill the gap left by the ECSC Final this year and allow the participant countries and national teams to practise and train, it is expected that  ENISA will offer an online CTF event for the national organisers during 2 full days. This is expected to also be used as a performance test for the preselected teams or for a national qualifier if needed.

 The tasks to be delivered as part of this project shall include:

 - Provision of the online live CTF platform (support to a max of 500 participants)

- Support and monitoring during the execution of the event

- Provision and/or creation of CTF challenges to be released during the competition

If you are interested in being invited to take part in this upcoming tender procedure, then please 'submit your interest' before the deadline, using the link below:

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