Building Interoperable EU Risk Management Frameworks vol.2

Pre Information Notice

Feb 18, 2022

Negotiated Procedure

Maximum budget: €60.000,00

ENISA is continuing its contribution to Risk Management by collecting, analysing and classifying information in the area of emerging and current risks and the evolving threat environment. The target group of this area is users (e.g. experts) interested in getting insight on Risk Management, finding out more on methods to mitigate risk and seeking to apply cutting edge Risk Management practices to their organization.

In the light of this effort, ENISA is launching a dedicated project to foster interoperable European Risk Management (RM) practices.

The main aim of this project is to facilitate the uptake of coordinated and interoperable RM frameworks by proposing an EU wide Interoperable Risk Management Framework with consistent methodology and risk assessment practices among Member States.

This project is a continuation of the work done in 2021 with an objective to implement key findings as presented in relevant published report::

 How to achieve the Interoperability of EU Risk Management Frameworks — ENISA (

Ideally, this effort will reduce barriers of coordination and enable cross-border, cross-sector cooperation to address shared cyber threats.

The report produced as an outcome of this project will help:

  • Enhance identified baseline Risk Management Frameworks with high Interoperability potential
  • Update the work done by introducing new features in the Prominent Risk Management Frameworks Matrix
  • Define interoperable terms between EU RM frameworks & regulatory frameworks
  • Develop Common/Comparative Risk Scales
  • Create a Methodology & Protocol that helps Member States ease the uptake of Interoperability of proposed RM Framework

As a last step the development of a one day “Training on the use of protocol and proposed Methodology” will be delivered, in order to facilitate uptake by interested parties.

If you are interested in being invited to take part in this upcoming tender procedure, then please click on the Title link above and select 'submit your interest' before the deadline, or via the eTendering link.

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