Application of good practice for CERTs - SERVICE aspects



Jan 25, 2013

This Tender is divided into three LOTS. You may bid for one or more LOTS.

LOT 1 - Secure communication solutions for National/Governmental CERTs: Stocktaking & Requirements.

This LOT focuses on the communication solutions CERTs are using. The selected contractor will run a stock taking study on the existing communication solutions (CRM, Ticketing systems, Incident handling communication platform, etc.) and their usages among the CERTs community. The stocktaking information will then be analyzed by the contractor together with the ENISA expert and discussed by a workgroup of experts in order to define functional and technical recommendations to better the efficiency of the exchange of information between national/governmental CERTs and other CERTs within their country.

LOT 2 – Good Practice guide on Alerts Warnings and Announcements.

This LOT focuses on one of the core services of CERTs. The prospective contractor needs to identify and define the processes behind `Alerts, Warnings and Announcements`, run stocktaking on types, solutions, channels, tools used by CERTs in collecting information & alerting their constituency along with identifying incident handling methodologies.

LOT 3 - ENISA CERT exercise material extended with cybercrime scenarios.

This LOT focuses on providing cybercrime related training and exercises for CERTs. The contractor will extend ENISA CERT exercise material with cybercrime scenarios and create a training suite suitable for use in TRANSITS I CSIRT Training Legal Issues package. Extended exercise and training material will cover legal, organisational, and technical aspects of cybercrime meeting the exact needs of the CERT community.

PDF document Contract Award Notice.pdf — PDF document, 117 KB

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