Application of good practice for CERTs - PROCEDURAL aspects



Feb 04, 2013

This Tender is divided into three LOTS. You may bid for one or more LOTS.

LOT 1 - Harmonisation of (National & Governmental) CERT capabilities & Analysis of ICS-CERT capabilities.

ENISA's goal is to continuously support the Member States in enhancing and strengthening the cooperation among n/g CERTs in order to achieve a powerful incident response when it is needed. The key obstacle to cross-border cooperation and incident response that we have identified in recent years is the diversity of capabilities across Member States. Four baseline capabilities were therefore identified and remain the focus of our research and analysis under this LOT. Further to the harmonisation process of capabilities for n/g CERTs the prospective contractor needs to identify good practices for CERTs which have a mandate in the area of ICS (industrial control systems).

LOT 2 – Good Practice Guide on the practical implementation of the ‘Directive on attacks against information systems’.

This LOT is aiming at analysing the Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on attacks against information systems and repealing Council Framework Decision 2005/222/JHA. Based on the detailed analysis a Good Practice Guide on the practical implementation of this Directive is expected from the prospective contractor.  This should also include the implications it has on national/governmental CERTs, for example in the field of Incident Handling and on its interactions with other stakeholders such as Law Enforcement.

LOT 3 - EISAS – Deployment Study.

This LOT is a follow-up of the EISAS Large Scale pilot, a collaborative awareness raising project. The selected contractor will define the necessary steps and actors for the full deployment of EISAS in EU. This implies to build upon the previous EISAS studies, identify potential actors and foresee their involvement in a stepwise and strategic deployment plan for EISAS. The deployment study will also take stock of the EU-funded NISHA project when foreseeing the infrastructure needed to support EISAS information sharing activities.

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