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Udo Helmbrecht speaks at SEKOP 2017

ENISA’s Executive Director gave a keynote speech on “IT Security: A global challenge from a European perspective" at SEKOP 2017.

Published on June 19, 2017

Prof. Dr. Udo Helmbrecht was invited to this year’s SEKOP conference to speak about cybersecurity and current challenges from a European perspective. Among other key points, Udo Helmbrecht, talked about ENISA's support to the EU's Members states with the implementation of the NIS Directive while referring to the Internal Digital Single Market risks and protection, he mentioned the following needs:

  • Develop new EU business cases for cybersecurity
  • Use cybersecurity as an economic enabler
  • Invest in business intelligence protection, trustworthy products and services

In order to achieve critical asset protection, the Executive Director of ENISA mentioned the necessity for EU collaboration, more capacity building and sovereignty, along with the harmonization of products, services and skills.  Professor Helmbrecht also called for product liability and the implementation of good practices such as mandatory patching in order for basic security protection to be ensured.

ENISA participated with its own booth at the event, which took place from Saturday 17th June to Monday 19th June 2017 in Hausham, Germany. The event invited experts to discuss, during workshops, current issues, approaches to solutions and best practices related to IT trends and cybersecurity. The motto of the conference was “The CISO Agenda 2018 - Next Challenges”.



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