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ENISA discusses cyber challenges of the digital transformation

ENISA was at the Connected Citizens’ Summit today, June 21st, in Amsterdam with key figures from the public and private sphere, discussing on the digital transformation from smart cities, cybersecurity, and energy efficiency to e-health.

Published on June 22, 2016

Udo Helmbrecht, ENISA Executive Director, was on the global cybersecurity panel on ‘keeping pace with emerging threats’, together with S.Dacaru (Ambassador, NATO) and H. Lindberg (MSB). Panellists looked into how ‘cyber’ constitutes an element of all aspects of daily life through industry 4.0, IoT and smart environments and the protection of critical infrastructure.

Udo Helmbrecht mentioned: “If you look at emerging technologies there is no doubt, room for many opportunities. But we also see the need to organise more efficiently, and take a closer look into the underlying technologies behind these new models, addressing for example technical challenges such as IT security by design. The NIS helps address key challenges through better exchange of information and prevention. We at ENISA are active in building capabilities and bringing together communities, through CSIRTs, National Cyber Security strategies, and cyber exercises”.   

A video of the discussion is available and online, follow #CCSummit

For more information: Connected Citizens' Summit



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