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ENISA Supports the Cooperation among Sectorial Information Sharing & Analysis Centers (ISACs)

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity joined the experts of sectorial ISACs to discuss the current practices in establishing and managing the centers and explored how the cooperation could be further improved.

Published on September 09, 2022

ENISA hosted a conference on the 6th of September which allowed members of different sectorial ISACs to meet. The event sought to develop common understanding and ultimately build trust within the community to facilitate cooperation across different sectors. The sectors represented included: Financial ISAC, Top level domain ISAC, Energy ISAC, ISAC for Cities, and Telecom ISAC among others.

The event included interventions from the European Commission and ENISA on the importance of ISACs and information sharing; as well as presentations from different EU ISACs sharing their experiences in establishing their respective ISAC. All participants also brainstormed on how to further improve ISACs and promote structured coordination among various ISACs also beyond Europe.

The conference also welcomed the online participation and contributions from the Japanese ICT ISAC.

Contracted by the European Commission, the information sharing platform gives the European ISACs further cooperation opportunities with the support of ENISA. The Consortium behind the development of the platform made a demonstration of the services offered which include: secure messaging, secure document sharing, malware and information sharing, mailing list and a web space for each EU ISAC.

Participants also exchanged views on the future of ISACs and how can they support Member States’ efforts in improving the resilience and cyber security of the EU ecosystem. As a result of the conference participants stressed the importance of bringing people from the ISAC community together as one of the key ingredients for building trust and work together effectively.

About ISACs

Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs) are non-profit organisations. Their role is to provide a central resource for gathering information on cyber threats (mostly those targeting critical infrastructure). They also facilitate the sharing of information between the private and the public sector in relation to causes, incidents and threats, and allow the sharing of experience, knowledge and analysis.

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