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World IPv6 Day -8th June; time to take action & switch to the future

ENISA supports the World IPv6 Day, 8th June, and encourages more companies, authorities and organisations to take action and start using IPv6.

Published on June 06, 2011

What is IPv6?

All computers and other IT devices that are connected to the web use Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. The final available addresses of the most currently used Internet Protocol version, IPv4, were distributed at the end of February this year. Therefore, many of the big, commercial giants are now finally mobilising for the future. Facebook, YouTube, Google, et al, are all switching over to IPv6 and will all go live with it on the same day; the World IPv6 Day, 8th June, organised by the Internet Society.

ENISA supports the World IPv6 Day, and encourages more companies, authorities and organisations to take action and start using IPv6.

IPv6 is a technical leap. It’s main purpose is to increase the number of addresses that can be made available, thereby allowing the Internet to continue to grow. Furthermore, it offers many technological advantages, which are likely to have a significant impact in the network security and economic areas. IPv6 will be a key driver for many new mobile and wireless applications and services. It is an essential technology for implementing ambient intelligence or the ‘Internet of Things’ that enables electronic devices to communicate with each other.

The Executive Director, Prof Udo Helmbrecht comments:
“ENISA actively supports Europe’s objective to widely implement IPv6, and to take advantage of the technological and resiliency features of the new protocol.”

ENISA was the first EU-Agency to go live with IPv6 already in 2009, as reported in


What can IPv6 give you?

In 2008, ENISA conducted an assessment of IPv6, regarding its potential to provide increased network resilience. Find the full 2008 reports:



The European Commission Action Plan and Communication on IPv6, of 27 May 2008 stipulates: “The Commission will work with Member States to enable IPv6 on public sector websites and eGovernment services. To this end common deployment objectives should be agreed”.

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