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Visit by the Swedish National Regulatory Agency PTS to ENISA.

Today a delegation from the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, PTS, visited the ENISA premises in Athens.

Published on October 10, 2013

The objective of the meeting was to exchange experiences and discuss technical topics. For ENISA, PTS is the main Swedish contact and liaison point to other Swedish authorities and is one of our partners in our work on Article 13a and cyber exercises.


More in detail, the meeting focussed on the overlap between Article 13a of the Framework directive, Article 4 of the e-Privacy Directive, and Article 15 of the proposed e-trust/e-sig directive. All these articles are set up similarly. They follow a triangle of risk assessment, appropriate security measures, and incident reporting. In Sweden, PTS is responsible for all three articles.


Moreover the meeting gave the opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences on public-private partnerships for information security, information exchange platforms, risk assessment methods, EU and national cyber security exercises and the role of the e-communications sector in these exercises.


About PTS:


Also: Today, the new video re reporting of major cyber security incidents, Art13a was launched.



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