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"Member States need holistic cyber security strategies"

The ENISA Executive Director, Dr. Udo Helmbrecht, stressed the importance of holistic national cyber security strategies speaking at the first Critical Information Infrastructure Protection - CIIP - International Conference in Madrid. These strategies should be an integral part of an overall EU cyber security strategy, Dr Helmbrecht underlined.

Published on February 24, 2010

The Executive Director advised Member States and the private sector to work closely together to implement  these cyber security strategies. This should be done through sharing of information, deployment of good practices (e.g. on incident reporting and handling) and national exercises. He also urged all Member States to establish and operate governmental CERTs  (Computer Emergency Response Teams) the 'digital fire brigades'. Bringing national CERTs together to  co-operate and share information is necessary to respond to national, pan European or even global incidents and threats.

ENISA will continue underpinning Member States and private sector efforts to  enhance the resilience and security of their networks. This year ENISA will  plan and execute the first pan European exercise. Additionally, the Agency develops a number of good practices and works with Member States to deploy them.

More information about the ENISA Resilience Program:

More information about the ENISA CERTs Program:

Dr Helmbrecht's full speech at the CIIP-conference.

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