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Updated CCSL with new scheme

Published on May 25, 2015

The Cloud Certification Scheme List (CCSL) is updated with new schemes mapping all their security objectives against the 27 Security Objectives of the CCSM. CCSL and CCSM tools help the cloud user understand what certification against a specific scheme encloses, and the providers to take informative decisions on cloud security implementations.

To check out the newly listed certification scheme please visit:


About the CCSL:

Since last year ENISA has been working, together with the Cloud Select Industry Group on Certification Schemes and the European Commission, and produced 2 tools to help customers with cloud security. This work is part of the EU Cloud Strategy. The first tool, CCSL, is a list of (existing) information security certification schemes. CCSL was launched last year and is accessible online . CCSM is the second tool, and extension of CCSL.


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