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Udo Helmbrecht discusses cyber cooperation at New York Summit

Published on September 10, 2015

The Executive Director of ENISA, Udo Helmbrecht, is currently participating at the Global Cyberspace Cooperation Summit taking place on the 9th and 10th September, in New York, hosted by the EastWest Institute.

Along with representatives from the public and private sectors, Prof. Helmbrecht spoke on the panel "Is Cooperation Possible in Cyberspace?” discussing the challenges to protecting critical assets from cyber-attacks at a global level while minimising threats to IT security.

Professor Helmbrecht presented some of ENISA’s current work in the field and contributions that will support the proposed NIS directive. Reference was made to EU cyber cooperation through the facilitation of the pan-European cyber exercises, capacity building and the exchange of experience and expertise while developing ‘baseline capabilities’ with CERT teams. The Agency is a recognised 'liaison member' in the CERT community and has developed training resources. ENISA further assists Member States on incident reporting, which all use ENISA’s technical guidelines and recommendations, enhancing baseline security measures.

“Cyber cooperation is fundamental to ensure the protection of critical assets and infrastructure across the EU. Our efforts are ongoing for responding to the evolving cyber threat landscape, for building  the community and supporting the current EU legislative process” said Udo Helmbrecht.

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The EastWest Institute brings together policymakers, business leaders, technical experts and civil society, at this invitation only event (#EWIcyber), providing a forum showcasing results and promoting collective action.


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