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Udo Helmbrecht at the ‘Information security for public sector’ conference in Stockholm

Published on September 02, 2015

Prof Udo Helmbrecht is participating at the ‘Information security for public sector’ conference taking place on the 1st and 2nd September 2015, in Stockholm where he  delivers the keynote speech on ‘Guiding EU Cybersecurity from policy to implementation’.

Prof. Helmbrecht presented some of ENISA’s current work in the field contributing to both EU policy discussions and ongoing efforts to implement existing policy. Examples of the latter include incident reporting, the implementation of the eIDAS regulation, the proposed data protection regulation and NIS directive.

For example, the Agency’s recommendations on incident reporting help Member States and the private sector to enhance baseline security measures through a better understanding of the root causes and potential solutions.

Similarly on the eIDAS regulation, the Agency supports and provides guidelines for trust service providers on risk assessment and recommendations for incident risk mitigation, and provides guidelines on an auditing framework for trust services. Other activities in this area include analysis of relevance and compliance of standards related to TSPs; Incident reporting for Trust Service Providers; and a Strategy analysis for introduction of qualified website authentication certificates (QWACs) promoting consumer confidence in the web authentication market. ENISA also supports the creation of a Trust Services Forum explaining to stakeholders the developments in the area of eIDAS, while offering the opportunity to discuss with regulators on important areas.

ENISA works closely with MS and the EU Institutions and the results produced rely on the collaboration with all NIS stakeholders. ‘ENISA is in the unique position to transfer the lessons learned across different operational communities, while promoting approaches to NIS that support economic growth’ said Udo Helmbrecht.



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