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Towards the emerging EU framework on certification

On 1 March 2018, ENISA hosted a conference entitled “Towards the emerging EU framework on certification”.

Published on March 02, 2018

The aim of this conference was for ENISA to bring to a broader audience, selected aspects of the emerging EU framework on certification of products and services.

Over 240 registered parties representing industry, conformity assessment bodies, government organisations, standardisation bodies and EU institutions supported this event.

The Executive Director of ENISA, Prof. Udo Helmbrecht opened the conference, by quoting that: “ENISA is a key contributor to the emerging EU certification framework. This conference plays an important role in shaping the discussion with key stakeholders at a time when the legislative process concerning the Cybersecurity Act in still underway.”

Dr. Despina Spanou, Director for Digital Society, Trust and Cybersecurity with the European Commission and member of the ENISA Management Board delivered a statement providing valuable insight on the background and main goals of the draft Cybersecurity Act.

Mr. Krasimir Simonski representing the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council provided his insight on the Cybersecurity Act delivering important views of the Presidency.

Dr. Martin Schaffer, speaking on behalf of the European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO) presented the latest ECSO contribution on certification.

Additionally, the conference addressed ENISA's activities in the area of cybersecurity certification, the EU Member States’ views on the proposal on cybersecurity certification framework, and industry challenges and opportunities in future cybersecurity certification schemes.

The draft Cybersecurity Act foresees new tasks for ENISA in terms of:

  • Drawing up cybersecurity schemes within the EU certification framework;
  • Support the European Commission in the European Cybersecurity Certification Group.
  • Until the Cybersecurity Act comes into force, some of ENISA’s objectives in certification include compiling a list of prospective schemes based on the current ones and seeking to transition to an EU certification framework, as well as prospective schemes based on new application areas e.g. consumers, classes of products e.g. IoT and types of services e.g. Cloud;

At the end of the Conference Prof. Helmbrecht suggested that ENISA is looking forward to fulfilling its role in supporting EU cyber certification and the further development of the Digital Single Market.


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