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The threat from Flamer

ENISA has published a short analysis of the threat from the Flamer spying virus. Flamer reminds us of the weaknesses in our cyber defences and underlines why ENISA's work on cyber security is so important.

Published on June 08, 2012

The most infected countries, as reported by Kaspersky

Flamer is a stealthy information stealer hitting targeted PCs across the Middle East. However, it should not be dismissed on the grounds of geography or numbers affected. Rather it should be seen as an opportunity to learn about the threats we are facing and what we must do to heighten cyber security across Europe.

ENISA's short analysis and collation of available information about Flamer illustrates why the work that goes on across the European Union to improve cyber security is so important, and where we must come together to do more.

Read the article here: The threat from Flamer

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