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The Commission changes: from DG INFSO to “DG Connect”

The Commission yesterday, 25/04, announced that they will change to face the future: and launch “DG Connect”.

Published on April 26, 2012

The Commissioner for the Digital Agenda for Europe, Neelie Kroes

The objective is 'to adapt and face the challenges of the next ten years”. They will change the structure, culture and mission of the DG (directorate general), and become ‘more flexible, with fewer managers, less fragmented, and better finding the links between policy and research areas.’

They will also get a new name: “DG Connect”, which stands for the key areas they cover (Communication Networks, Content and Technology). ‘DG Connect’ also shows how the digital revolution is connecting and linking up Europe. The changes will take effect as of 1st July.

For the announcement, click here.

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