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Telecoms experts ETIS share ideas with ENISA

An international delegation from the European telecoms organisation, ETIS, visited ENISA’s headquarters in Heraklion on the 8th and 9th of March. ETIS is a trade organisation which brings together major telecommunication providers from across Europe, and acts as a platform for sharing knowledge on the effective use of ICT.

Published on March 09, 2012

Welcoming the ETIS delegation, ENISA’s Executive Director, Professor Udo Helmbrecht stated: “Telecoms companies are crucial players in ensuring that Europe has secure IT networks, and this visit from ETIS provides an excellent opportunity for us to share ideas and good practices. More and more, we are seeing that partnerships between the public and private sectors are a flexible and effective way to ensure we can all benefit from improved IT security.”     

ENISA’s links with ETIS go back a number of years, with ETIS members contributing to work in several areas, including the reporting of data incidents, botnets and public-private partnerships.

Mr. Fred Werner, ETIS’s Business Development Manager said: “ETIS really appreciates ENISA hosting this event. Cooperation has always been fruitful between us, with an open exchange of information between our experts. We face common challenges such as business continuity, risk and identity management, resilience, spam and many more.”

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