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Smart Grids Task Force/ENISA report on security measures endorsed

Published on April 07, 2014

The Smart Grids Task Force (SGTF) organised its 18th Steering Committee meeting. The meeting took place on 3 April 2014, in Brussels. The SGTF was set up by the Commission at the end of 2009

ENISA’s role

ENISA contributes to SGTF and reports the progress on the achievements and plans of work in the context of EG2 ad hoc group on security measures of smart grids. ENISA presented the final version of the report on security measures of smart grids and discussed with the participants on its future. The Steering Committee has endorsed the document. 

Future steps

In 2014, ENISA will take stock of Member States’ governance models, national requirements on smart grid security and identification of good practices. This work will help SGTF to assess whether further recommendations are needed to improve the governance models at national and EU level.


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