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Smart grids in focus at CRITIS12 conference in Norway

ENISA supports the key, 7th, critical information infrastructure protection conference of CRITIS, taking place in Lillehammer, Norway, 17-18 September 2012.

Published on August 29, 2012

CRITIS is a highly reputable conference, gathering academics experts from all over the world to present their innovative research ideas and to explore new challenges in the critical information infrastructures security. ENISA is organizing a track within this conference, with focus on vulnerability and risk assessment for industrial control systems (ICS) and smart grids.

ENISA Track Objectives

ENISA's studies have shown that current control systems environments' risk assessments do not identify or prioritize most significant technical risks and potential impacts to operations that would support the business case for investing in cyber security. For that reason, new risk assessment methodologies are needed in order to address the vulnerabilities and complexity of the industrial environments. If you are interested in ICS and smart grid security, take advantage of the opportunity of presence of field experts, and join us.


Workshop date: 18th of September

Expected results;

Identifying the key requirements for a new risk assessment methodology for the ICS and smart grids.


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